Arcangelo Triumphs in the Belmont Stakes: A Spectacular Victory

A argentine recruit named Arcangelo won the Belmont Stakes, the third and final race of the Triple Crown series, on Saturday at Belmont Park in Elmont, N.Y. 

 The palm makes Jena Antonucci the first womanish coach to win the race in its 155- time history. 


Arcangelo wins the Belmont Stakes
Arcangelo wins the Belmont Stakes

" I do not have words yet," said a tearful Antonucci after the race." We are trying to soak all this in — just so proud of this steed right now. It's amazing." 

 Now a hedge- swell in a manly- dominated sport, she offered an inspirational communication" Do not give up," she said. However, make your own table," If you can not find a seat at the table." 

 As for her winning steed, she added," He is just got a heart of a champion. He is just that joe." 

 Jockey Javier Castellano, who rode Arcangelo, also won his first Kentucky Derby this time aboard Mage. 

 Meanwhile, a torrent of recent steed deaths have reignited scrutiny over the steed racing assiduity's safety practices. 

 Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is held, suspended racing in Louisville after 12 nags failed on the track since April. before this month a steed was euthanized after being injured in a race at Belmont Park. 

 Assiduity leaders contend the sport is safer than ever; steed losses have fallen further than 37 since officers began tracking them in 2009, reported The Associated Press. 

 The Humane Society responded to the recent deaths on Friday" Practices and conditions that fail to prioritize steed safety and reckless medicine and drug use have created a deadly terrain for racehorses, and potentially the entire racing assiduity. Without a genuine commitment to reform that puts the safety and well- being of the nags at the center of the sport, racing may be in its final days," said Keith Dane, elderly director of equine protection. 

 Outside of Belmont Park, a group of people carrying signs gathered to rally against the" atrocity and death" of steed- racing as part of a kick organized by nonprofit beast rights association NYCLASS, videotape on social media showed. 

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